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Tonight I have finished uploading images to be shown on my Portfolio

I just wanted to say that my portfolio is still being updated, because on there I will be putting the works that I am doing at the moment and will be doing in the future.

Designing is a never-ending process for me, and as much as possible I like to experiment on various things to enhance my skills.

My agenda for next week are:
  1. Do a simple UI Design that complies to the look and feel of iOS apps.
    I am a big fan of Apple products, and the smooth, glassy interfaces of most apps are just amazing. This will be a first time for me and I’m looking forward to this! The designer Michal Šimkovič, aka musHoserves as my inspiration in doing this.
  2. Create your own UI Kit (Icons!)
    Simplicity and uniqueness are part of the important factors that I aim in creating mini-things. The UI kit will consist of social site logos, menu icons, etc. The final output and PSD file will be attached. 🙂

On the other hand, I will be attending a Job Fair tomorrow. Three out of the five people in our group are already employed and I am very happy that my friends have already started doing their dream jobs. I am taking this opportunity, and I believe that my dream job is out there somewhere, too. Just got to wait for the correct timing!

God bless everybody and enjoy the weekends. A cup of hot coffee for y’all!

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