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So, what will we see on here?

I have finally put my website to completion, and hey it’s powered by WordPress! The thing is, I realized that it is about time for me to have my own site that displays everything that I do (on the portfolio section), who I am doing it for, and why am I doing it (on the blog section). Mostly all of the things that I am (and will be) working on.

You will see here everything that I would love the world to see. I believe it is better to have a central repository than to have separate websites that are only under one name.

Ah, then we are going to see your rants on here!

Umm, not quite. We all know that the Internet is accessible by anyone, anywhere. It would not be pleasant to have my issues to be openly seen by everyone, not to mention prying eyes, potential clients, and company(ies) that might be interested in hiring me.

As much as possible, I want to put a division between my personal and professional matters. I am very keen in what I do, say, and write, that I make sure I will not regret having done it.

I am not perfect, I also get anger issues, but it is always better for us to give off a positive vibe than a negative outlook.

I have a WordPress blog where I write mostly everything that has been happening in my life, sort of like an online diary, but it is up to you if you want to read some random stuff, cheesy stuff, and literary pieces that I have done. There are also opinions on different matters (family, school, etc) and my views on blessings and God’s grace. If you are curious, have a look: Click me!

That’s about it. Cheers everyone. 🙂

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