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Hello everyone!

Today I finished creating my first seamless vector pattern. I love flowers and drawing them; the complexity and intricacy is what makes it beautiful yet sort of challenging to do, so I was really happy making this for a sample that a friend asked for. I don’t exactly know where this (and some more to come hopefully) will be used for, but after tiling the pattern I saw that it can be used as a gift wrapper, journal cover, desktop background, etc. 😀 I am actually amazed that I was able to do this! The seaming is really difficult for me though, as I had to do it manually since I made the vector in Photoshop. I was about to throw in the towel because at the beginning, I can’t even draw a proper flower and make a good composition. But the hard work paid off in the end, I guess!

So here it is, I am sharing the pattern with you guys! Just click on the image. I hope you like it. 🙂


Sample size is an 800 x 800 px PNG file.

Cheers! x

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