Charlie Hebdo Tribute

“The pen is mightier than the gun.”

I felt really bad upon hearing the news of the Paris attack by terrorists. Reading more about the news, I found out that these were artists they targeted on, people who advocate freedom of speech and expression across the world. It’s sad that they have to go through that because of religious and cultural diversity. Not all countries and culture could understand some forms of satire and some may find it offensive, but it somehow angers me that it’s this easy to kill and lose a life. Here is my tribute for the Charlie Hebdo victims. Rest in peace, my fellow artists. #JeSuisCharlie #CharlieHebdo

Je suis Charlie

Canva Manila Launch Party

Hello dear friends! It’s been ages since I last wrote a blog post. A lot of things happened lately, and one of these is something worth writing about:

[bra_boxed_text Title=”” Description=”Canva is in Manila! Hurrah!”]

I got this news when I posted on Facebook that I am looking for a part-time/full-time job that needs a graphic designer or an illustrator. Faye Tandog, a university friend and Mozilla Rep, sent me a message about Canva’s Launch Party. I was reading the message at 4AM and I was like, “Am I dreaming?” I had to widen my eyes more to see that it’s real. Canva is indeed in Manila, and they are launching a party!

I knew I just had to go. I learned about Canva last year, from a Facebook ad that kept on showing while I was scrolling on my News Feed. I have not tried using Canva before, until early this year I decided to see what it’s all about.


So, what is Canva?

Canva is a graphic design tool that makes designing accessible to everyone, even to those who think they don’t have an eye for arts and design. It’s simple and easy to use, just drag the elements you want on your layout (there are a variety of pre-made layouts to choose from), add some text, tweak a little, and voila! You now have a beautiful design.

This is especially helpful to people who have little background on Photoshop, Corel, and other design softwares, or who can’t hire a designer to make them a nice visual for their business. Another plus is that the elements you can use on your design work are FREE (Can you believe that, beautiful + free? There’s still such a thing as free lunch, I guess!) They also have premium design elements that will only cost $1/piece to use.


Ms. Melanie Perkins, Founder & CEO of Canva

All the people who were part of and organized the event were very welcoming and really nice. I was able to personally talk to Zach Kitschke, Head of Communications, regarding Canva and why they decided to open an office in Manila. “Outside Australia, the Philippines is one of the company’s top 10 markets, and this is because Filipinos’ are fast to adopt to new technology, are very flexible and have a strong grasp in design,” he said. The Canva family is growing bigger. I am excited about this news!

You can do a lot of things in Canva (including this post’s banner).

Here are some examples:

The Soul


Facebook Ad

I love baking! Thanks Canva for the cupcake freebie! ♥

Photo Collage

I'm currently in-love with Ed Sheeran's song, "Thinking Out Loud"

Social Media Post

Atop a rock mountain in Islas de Gigantes

Facebook Cover

NEW! Twitter Post

NEW! Twitter Post

Photos and illustrations by yours truly. 🙂

Annnnnd here are the photos I have of the event!

Click on the thumbnail to view each item:


All the best, Canva Manila Team!

Happy New Year 2013!

Another amazing year has come to pass, but we are given another one to start anew, to progress, and move forward!

Let’s make 2013 a year full of optimism and an opportunity to use our full creativity and passion in everything we do.

A blessed, glorious, and prosperous new year 2013 to everyone!

♥ Jaun xxx

[bra_boxed_text Description=”Credits to Gurlinterrupted for the sparkling graphic!”]

Re: Portfolio + Next Week Projects

Tonight I have finished uploading images to be shown on my [bra_button text=”Portfolio” url=”” target=”_blank” size=”small” style=”rounded” color=”purple”]

I just wanted to say that my portfolio is still being updated, because on there I will be putting the works that I am doing at the moment and will be doing in the future. [bra_blockquote align=””]Designing is a never-ending process for me, and as much as possible I like to experiment on various things to enhance my skills.[/bra_blockquote]

[bra_border_divider Top=”5″ Bottom=”5″]

[bra_highlight style=”highlight1″]My agenda for next week are:[/bra_highlight]

  1. Do a simple UI Design that complies to the look and feel of iOS apps.
    I am a big fan of Apple products, and the smooth, glassy interfaces of most apps are just amazing. This will be a first time for me and I’m looking forward to this! The designer Michal Šimkovič, aka [bra_button text=”musHo” url=”” target=”_blank” size=”small” style=”rounded” color=”orange”]serves as my inspiration in doing this.
  2. Create your own UI Kit (Icons!)
    Simplicity and uniqueness are part of the important factors that I aim in creating mini-things. The UI kit will consist of social site logos, menu icons, etc. The final output and PSD file will be attached. 🙂

[bra_border_divider Top=”10″ Bottom=”10″]

On the other hand, I will be attending a Job Fair tomorrow. Three out of the five people in our group are already employed and I am very happy that my friends have already started doing their dream jobs. I am taking this opportunity, and I believe that my dream job is out there somewhere, too. Just got to wait for the correct timing!

God bless everybody and enjoy the weekends. A cup of hot coffee for y’all!


[bra_blockquote align=”right”]So, what will we see on here?[/bra_blockquote]

I have finally put my website to completion, and hey it’s powered by WordPress! The thing is, I realized that it is about time for me to have my own site that displays everything that I do (on the portfolio section), who I am doing it for, and why am I doing it (on the blog section). Mostly all of the things that I am (and will be) working on.

You will see here everything that I would love the world to see. I believe it is better to have a central repository than to have separate websites that are only under one name.

[bra_blockquote align=””]Ah, then we are going to see your rants on here![/bra_blockquote]

Umm, not quite. We all know that the Internet is accessible by anyone, anywhere. It would not be pleasant to have my issues to be openly seen by everyone, not to mention prying eyes, potential clients, and company(ies) that might be interested in hiring me.

As much as possible, I want to put a division between my personal and professional matters. I am very keen in what I do, say, and write, that I make sure I will not regret having done it.

[bra_boxed_text Description=”I am not perfect, I also get anger issues, but it is always better for us to give off a positive vibe than a negative outlook.”]


I have a WordPress blog where I write mostly everything that has been happening in my life, sort of like an online diary, but it is up to you if you want to read some random stuff, cheesy stuff, and literary pieces that I have done. There are also opinions on different matters (family, school, etc) and my views on blessings and God’s grace. If you are curious, have a look: [bra_button text=”Click me!” url=”” target=”_blank” size=”small” style=”rounded” color=”red”]

That’s about it. Cheers everyone. 🙂